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Or, if it were up to me, how would I do it.

I am often asked my opinion about all sorts of things in the home decor arena.  I guess if you really like the Scout look, you'd think there are maybe a few tricks that help it all come out just so, or as I am reluctant to call them "rules" according to me!  I'm flattered that my opinon has such credibility.  I wish that were the case with my son's take on my opinion. From time to time, I will either write my thoughts down in this space or I will shamelessly rip off someone else's words to help answer the age old question; how can you be assured that your home will be the way you want it to be? How can it all come together without problems or gaffs? The answer is, "it can't". Especially because your home is a living breathing work of art that is never really done, the best you can hope for it to stand back whenever your have the house "just so" and take stock. You'll have your own criteria for judging the merits of of achieving success with your home design.  

A couple years ago, a since departed Editor of CS Interiors Magazine asked if she could send a photographer and a writer over to the store and watch how I create viginittes - and, figure out a few priniciples that she could pass along to her readers.  She was very kind in identifying a "vignette" as something that Scout seems to do in a unique and memorable way.  Or at the very least, I can pull it off in the store - over and over again.  I've included the article by Megan Meehan and photographs in a really cool way by Anthony.  In talking about how I arrange the store every day, I was able to articulate some ideas that at least CS Interiors felt worth remembering.  So, here you go - here's how you make your house perfect.  Not really, but it sounds impressive, doesn't it?